AFA JCDecaux - Batman v Superman

The most important task of our innovative department is to collaborate with a number of highly competent suppliers to develop and implement the creative and innovative solutions.
Our media provide obvious opportunities for creative expressions including room for your own ideas for those who want to communicate with big arm movements or using state-of-the-art technology.


It is possible for outdoor media to generate truly unique attention to a campaign through the use of innovative solutions.

Creative ideas combined with imaginative execution can provide campaigns and concepts with brand new expressions, reviews and exposure.

We offer our assistance from the moment the idea is born, in order to help you achieve the best possible result. In this way, we can jointly generate ideas while adhering to and informing you of the possible innovative restrictions ensuring the implementation of your ideas. 

With the rise of digital outdoor, many new options have been introduced that can either be chosen independently or combined with the many analog options.

The vast majority of our business partners allow innovative solutions, it being in cities, train stations, malls or the metro.