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High coverage and frequency
Increases willingness to buy
Powerful visual media
Cannot be opted out of

The indisputable power of abribus as a media lies in generating high coverage, awareness and message frequency. The advertising panels are located where Danes move about. They are present in the middle of everybody’s everyday life and cannot be opted out of.

Abribus is extremely efficient when it comes to rapidly creating awareness and market penetration regardless of being a national, regional or local series. All abribus locations are carefully selected and strategically placed.

Abribus is a powerful visual media and by fully using the large graphical surface it quickly catches the eye. Abribus is backlit, hence the message is exposed 24/7, 365 days a year. The location often leads to a long dwell time, and the strong exposure situation leads to actions.

Research shows that young people, as well as all other generations, view abribus positively. As such, 37 % find that outdoor advertising makes a location more alive and exciting*. In this case, advertising distaste or irritation is not an issue. Where other media struggle with issues such as ad blocking, “Advertisements, no thank you” and third screens, abribus cannot be opted out of.

By combining visual power and exposure strength consumers’ willingness and intension to buy is increased, especially amongst young consumers. Abribus has a strong ability to drive traffic onto mobile and web and into stores. As an example, 40 % have acted actively after seeing an outdoor advertisement*.

*OCS 2017