The indisputable strength of the abribus media is to generate high coverage, familiarity as well as message frequency *. The advertising panels are located at strategic locations where Danes pass by daily. The panels are an integrated part of the citizens’ everyday life and cannot be ignored.     

The abribus media is extremely effective in quickly creating awareness and market penetration, regardless of whether you choose a nationwide, regional or local series. All locations of the abribus have been carefully selected in order to be as strategically effective as possible.

It is a strong visual media that, with the proper use of the large surface area, quickly catches the eye. The abribus media is backlit, and the message is thus exposed 24/7 throughout the year. The location of the panels often entails a long dwell time, with the strong exposure situation leading to action.

Studies show that all generations of consumers, and especially young people, have a positive perception of the abribus media. For example, 37% of the interviewees believe that outdoor makes the place more vibrant and exciting **. This outdoor media is not the cause for irritation. While other media is affected by e.g. ad-blocking, "Advertising – no thank you" and third screens, the abribus media cannot be deselected.

The combination of strong visual power and exposure affect consumers by increasing their buyer intention as well as their willingness to buy. This is especially the case among the young consumers **. The abribus media has a strong ability to drive traffic to both mobile, web and store. For instance, 40% have acted upon watching an outdoor advertisement *.

*OCS 2017
  • High coverage and frequency

  • Increases willingness to buy

  • A strong visual media

  • Cannot be deselected