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Analog and digital solutions, individually or combined, can be creatively used for brand activation. AFA Decaux's Brand Activation department inspires and finds creative solutions for eye-catching campaigns. In collaboration with skilled suppliers, we create creative campaigns that capture attention and drive brand activation. We generate ideas from the start, ensuring practical execution and bringing creative ideas to life.

Digital relevance 

  • Hit the target group with the right message at the right time and place
  • Several variables can control and enhance communication
  • Communicate diversified messages at different times during the day or on different days
  • Make use of the weather situation. One message during rain and one during sun-shine
  • Temperature and UV index can control messages as well
  • Incorporate data into message management such as product launch countdown

Break the abribus format with a top sign

  • Create wow effect with a solution that exceeds abribus’ physical framework
  • Creative interaction between the poster and an extra physical element
  • Empower the brand and create additional attention in the urban landscape

Break the abribus format with a full plate solution

  • Bring your brand to life in a fun and different way
  • Create a wow effect and larger impact with a solution that covers the frame of the abribus itself and thus breaks the top of the format
  • Provides different possibilities of creative thinking and how to create visibility


  • Display the physical product in the urban landscape 
  • Authentic campaign, since the product can be seen with one’s own eyes
  • Play with the possibilities. Set up the products on built-in shelves. Let them float freely in the air or suspend them from the top
  • Possibility of replacing product during the campaign period

Top sign and full foiling

  • Take ownership on a bus shelter and create attention in the urban landscape
  • Fun, effective and different way of communicating an advertising message
  • Possibility of clear product display (e.g., a horizontal bottle on the roof of a bus shelter) 
  • Possibility of creating a image where top sign and foil “talk to each other”

Lenticular print

  • Creates great stop-up effect
  • The subject changes depending on the point of view
  • Ability to add or remove elements on the creative
  • Expose the advertising message in a fun and different way
  • A way to make the analog medium more dynamic

Sampling in bus shelters

  • Unstaffed sampling
  • Creates curiosity and publicity
  • Possibility of viral effect on other platforms
  • Release the brand and let the target group help themselves (as per agreement, we provide refilling if needed)

Sampling and events at DSB-stations

  • Possibility of staffed sampling
  • Handing out samples (electricity is possible)
  • Choose the best time of day to hit the target group
  • The closed environment enables activation and involvement
  • Possible to use digital screen on elevator shaft for instance during execution of snap-chat game
  • Wrap a digital screen in the advertising message along with a floor sticker
  • All digital surfaces at the station have to be acquired with 100 % SOT in the campaign period

Do you want to be inspired and hear more about Brand Activation, then you are more than welcome to contact Mette Risby Mortensen 

AFA JCDecaux - Mette Risby Mortensen, Innovative Project Manager
Mette Risby Mortensen Creative Manager – Brand Activation