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Exclusive premium placements
Targets “shoppers” and trendsetters
100% digital zone
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The network’s digital state-of-the-art screens have premium placements in strategic locations (POI) where “shoppers” move about as well as close to the purchase situation. The digital network targets attractive groups such as trendsetters, high-end consumers as well as “shoppers”.

Digital Copenhagen is a fully digital zone based on the ”Less is More” philosophy (fever placements but exposing the message to as many people as possible). Currently, the network consists of 39 digital screens, thus creating a unique digital coherence in the Copenhagen area along with our other digital networks.

The digital screens ensure a high degree of attention and message frequency. For instance, 50 % remember having seen a digital advertisement at a station or on a shopping street after a month*. Digital Copenhagen is a powerful visual media where content appears razor-sharp in the urban landscape.

The consumers find digital screens innovative, attention-creating and modern. In general, consumers, especially the young, are positive towards outdoor media and regard digital screens as a natural part of the urban landscape. Research from Copenhagen shows that 64 % of all respondents and 70 % of those between 15 and 29 have a positive perception of digital outdoor**.

Digital Copenhagen makes contextual and creative communication possible. Depending on the campaign KPI’s, messages can be replaced in real time and are controlled by parameters such as weather, temperature, time, UV index, SoMe and external data feed. 37 % find that products and brands are innovative and up to date when advertised on digital screens*.

With Digital Copenhagen, campaigns are exposed on the best and most exclusive locations in the largest city in Denmark, thus ensuring your brand or campaign dominant presence with the possibility of influencing the purchase decision.

* OCS 2017
** Kantar Gallup