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Point of Sale placements
Affect the consumer right before the moment of purchase
Creates attention and increases the willingness to buy

The retail series’ number one quality is the behaviour- and purchase-determining placements which we call ”proximity” or ”point of sale”.

Due to the placement of advertising panels, the distance between message exposure and the moment of purchase is short. Advertising panels hang on shop walls, are placed in parking lots or are in close proximity to the entrance/exit of convenience stores.

The retail series increases awareness of the tactical messages and strengthens the in-store sales.

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Placing advertising panels in close proximity to the purchase situation doubles the attention compared to placements inside the store. Outdoor media attention is 50 % outside the store and 28 % inside the store*. Customers take concrete action based on the out-door advertisements.

The retail series is an obvious media choice replacing advertising flyers which struggle to reach consumers due to the ”Advertisements, no thank you!” scheme – an option more and more enlist, especially in the major cities. In Copenhagen and Aarhus, 60 % and 61 % respectively say “no, thank you” to advertising flyers.

Nationwide, the retail series comprises of close to 500 placements by convenience stores spread over seven convenience store chains. The retail series can be tailored to match the stores you wish to target, such as those where your products are sold to avoid unnecessary exposure.

*OCS 2017