AFA JCDecaux - Abribus med Schulstad i København

The greatest quality of the retail series is its selective locations directly affecting the purchasing behavior of the consumer. We call it “Proximity” or “Point of sale”.

The advertising panels are specifically placed to ensure a short distance between the exposure to the advertising message and the actual purchase. The advertising panels are mounted on the store walls, placed at parking lots or found at the entrance or driveway to the supermarkets. 

The retail series increases consumer awareness to your tactical messages and strengthens sales in the local stores.

The location of the advertisement panels at the entrances, being close to the purchasing situation, ensure twice as high attention compared to locations inside the store. Attention is at 50% for outdoor media outside the store compared to 28% inside the store.
Grocery shoppers take concrete actions as a result of viewing outdoor advertisements. Consequently, these advertising locations can support and improve store sales. 

AFA JCDecaux’ retail series is an ideal media for replacing the grocery catalogues, which prove still more limited in reaching consumers due to the “Advertising – no thank you”-schemes, that still more people sign up for. The scheme is especially popular in the major cities including Copenhagen and Aarhus, where 62% and 59% have joined the scheme, respectively.

On a national level, the retail series consists of roughly 1.000 grocery stores divided into 6 supermarket chains. The retail series can be tailormade to match the stores you choose, for instance the specific stores where your products are sold, thereby avoiding unnecessary exposure.

*OCS 2017
  • Point of Sale locations

  • Affect the consumer just prior to the purchase moment

  • Increases awareness and willingness to buy