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The highest coverage in Denmark (85 %)
Nationwide digital network
Railboards reach 600.000 passengers
AFA JCDecaux - Abribus i Aarhus

AFA Decaux offer a wide range of premium outdoor media which can be combined or used individually.

In the commercially attractive target group “15- to 59-year-olds”, the classical advertising panels, abribus, deliver the highest coverage (85 %) in Denmark. The 85 % is equivalent to nearly 2,8 million people who are exposed to the message with a frequency of 15,7 (one week of exposure with four series).

Abribus is virtually the last mass media in Denmark. No other media can deliver higher coverage or frequency.

Amongst the young consumers between 15 and 29, abribus cover 89,3 % equivalent to 983,000 individuals. As such, the message frequency reaches 16*.

AFA Decaux’ Digital National consists of state-of-the-art screens located at DSB stations and in Aalborg City. Additionally, we have premium digital networks in the three malls, Field’s, Bruun’s Gallery and Bryggen as well as in the heart of Copenhagen City.

Another piece of the nationwide coverage is the visually powerful Railboards which are located at DSB stations. There are two networks with 375 carefully selected Railboard placements each. Both networks have a daily reach of 18 % the target group "15- to 59-year-olds" of all Danes (OTS) with a frequency of 20 which is equivalent to reaching approximately 600,000 Danes weekly**.

*Index Denmark/Gallup (2019/2020)  **Kantar Gallup, DSB, Steen & Strøm