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Powerful visual media
Long message exposure
Cannot be opted out of
Drives traffic onto mobile and web

Railboards are strategically placed at DSB station platforms. The number of Railboards at each platform is carefully chosen to ensure that the message on each and every rail-board attains as much exposure as possible.

The large format (241 x 120 cm) enables creative and imaginative execution possibilities. In part, the format makes it possible to use Railboards to communicate complex messages and in part, the long dwell time gives enough time for decoding the complex messages.

The Railboard media creates high attention and has a high message frequency. The passengers are situated in a waiting position, and thus a long exposure situation. Railboards are located in an enclosed platform environment which enables ownership and impact. 

By combining visual strength and exposure power, the passengers’ willingness to buy is increased. Railboards are an efficient media for driving traffic onto mobile and web.

Railboards expose your message in a very high quality, thus making the message appear razor sharp. Hence, more and more brands, amongst them the luxury category, choose this premium media.