AFA JCDecaux’ Railboards are strategically located on the platforms of DSB's train stations. The number of Railboards on each platform are carefully selected so that the message on each Railboard receives the highest possible exposure.

The wide format (241 x 120 cm) opens up unique creative options. Firstly, the specific format allows the Railboards to be used to communicate complex messages, and secondly, the long dwell time at the platform provide enough time to decode complex messages.

Railboards generate a lot of attention while having a high message frequency. Passengers are in a waiting position and thus in a lengthier exposure situation. AFA JCDecaux’ Railboards are located in a closed platform environment which opens up for ownership and impact.

The combination of the strong visual power and exposure of the Railboards provide passengers an increased willingness to buy. The Railboard is an effective media to drive traffic to mobile and web.

With the exposure provided by the Railboard media, your message is delivered in a very high quality. Consequently, increasing numbers of advertisers choose this Premium media, including luxury brands.

  • Strong visual media

  • Lengthy exposure to campaign message

  • Cannot be deselected

  • Drives traffic to mobile and web