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Our environmental policy is to:

  • ensure the prevention of pollution in all of our processes
  • include quality-, health-, safety- and environmental aspects in project planning and method selection
  • perform all of our activities in compliance with relevant legislation, requirements as well as the internal guidelines of our firm
  • perform our work with the greatest care of the surrounding environment as well as to use sustainable product
  • create the best possible framework and terms for a good physical and health-related work environment whenever it is realistic as well as technically and economically possible


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Through specific environmental goals, AFA JCDecaux aim to:

Reduce its environmental impact
Reduce energy- and fuel consumption
Procure green energy
Ensure 100% recycling of posters
Ensure 100% recycling of glass
Increase the sorting of waste
Incorporate LED lighting technology in new equipment as well as at office and storage areas
Ensure that 80% of posters are printed on FSC papir

Globally, the JCDecaux Group operates with a sustainable development strategy containing six main priorities that reduces the environmental impact of the group and develops human resources while at the same time meeting our financial expectations.

The main points of the global environmental policy of JCDecaux is to:

  • reduce its environmental impact¬†
  • reduce energy consumption
  • implement a global health- and safety policy
  • implement a global social policy, and
  • trenghten sustainable development in the procurement policy
  • strengthen employee engagement towards sustainable development
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