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Premium placements
Full flexibility in SOT
Full moving content
Effective visual media

Currently, the Digital National network comprises 107 digital state-of-the-art screens located at DSB stations, and in Aalborg City. We continuously work on expand-ing the number of screens in the network.

Choosing Share of Time (SOT) is fully flexible. Therefore, advertisers can choose how much screen time per week they wish to dominate – whether it is 7 %, 18 % or whatever matches the campaign KPI’s. There are almost no limitations as well as no restrictions regarding the messages the advertiser wishes to expose.

Amongst others, full moving content can be shown on the digital screens. This enables vast creativity in message execution and complex messages can be communicated with several creatives, thus increasing message understanding.

Messages can be replaced in real time and are controlled by parameters such as weather, temperature, time, UV index, SoMe and external data feed (e.g., live feeds).

Motion pictures, animations and relevant messages increase attention and create large impact. The network is a very powerful visual media, thus supporting the campaign message. 

Campaign execution in the network is agile and dynamic due to creative execution options, full moving content and short material deadlines. And by using the vertical advertising format (9:16) from SoMe, a cross media connection is ensured.

The Digital National network makes contextual and creative communication possible. 37 % regard products or brands innovative and up to date, when advertised on digital screens*. Digital outdoor has a positive effect on the brand.

*OCS 2017