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We work with the world’s leading architects and designers in order to ensure the functionality and aesthetics of our street furniture and outdoor equipment. Safety and service are also essential elements in the development of our street furniture, to the benefit of citizens and consumers. Our basic attitude to design in the public space is that the equipment should be discreet and transparent.

My work with AFA Decaux is an exciting experience for me, as the company has a unique approach to the things that affect our surroundings and environment. For AFA Decaux, the quality of the design is of great importance as the design is uniquely tailored to the character of each city, while the functionality is completely in line with the high demands of AFA Decaux in terms of cleaning and maintenance.

Public design often becomes a disharmonic combination of cheap solutions. In Denmark, where the urban landscape is of great importance, my aim was to design a line of street furniture in Copenhagen, which was discreet and adapted to our lifestyle while at the same time being original and challenging. By doing this, I think I have caught the essence of the special Nordic style.    
Knud Holscher Holscher Design
There is always room for innovation in the cooperation with AFA Decaux. For Designit, it is a pleasure to work with a visionary and innovative company that takes pride in being at the forefront of development and constantly setting new standards. We greatly appreciate that approach.

This means that we seize new opportunities together, thus contributing to the improvement, optimization and beautification of the city to the benefit of us all. Our cooperation with AFA Decaux is characterized by a creative process and close dialogue. In interdisciplinary teams we put Designit's various competencies into play. Designit's holistic and strategic approach means that we achieve innovative and effective solutions together.  
Anders Geert Jensen, Mikal Hallstrup & David Fellah Designit

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