AFA JCDecaux - Abribus med Björn Borg i København

AFA JCDecaux - Læskærm i København

We cooperate with 28 municipalities, DSB/Banedanmark, Coop and Steen & Strøm and we have approx. 10.000 pieces of urban and outdoor equipment located around the country. We operate a wide portfolio of outdoor media such as digital monitors, abribus and railboards.

AFA JCDecaux - Digital skærm ved Bremerholmen

AFA JCDecaux also takes over the advertising concession in Copenhagen Metro.
AFA JCDecaux has taken the lead in the digital transformation which is currently reforming the industry on both a national and global level. We offer our advertisers exposure through a nationwide digital network.

AFA JCDecaux - Ansat rengør læskærm

We have over 100 employees, and by virtue of this, we are the only outdoor provider with our own staff responsible for cleaning and maintaining all our outdoor equipment. Flexibility and efficiency are key words in the servicing of our equipment.

AFA JCDeacaux – abribus, tekniker, tripl, quality, innovation, troværdighed, kvalitet, laeskaerm, plakat

We live by three core values that permeate all our work:

  • Innovation
  • Quality
  • Credibility

AFA JCDecaux is ISO 14001:2015 certified, has an AAA credit rating and works according to Servicenormen.