AFA JCDecaux - Abribus med i Aarhus


For example, the classic advertising panel – the “abribus” – covers 82% of the population in major cities within the audience group “people aged 15-59” *. It corresponds to roughly 1.5 million people, who are hit with a frequency of 32*.

In the major cities, the advertising panels reach a coverage of 79% or 560.000 young consumers aged between 15 and 29. Here, the frequency reaches 33*.

In the greater Copenhagen area alone, the advertising panels have a coverage of 75% among both audience groups "people aged 15-59" and "people aged 15-29"

AFA JCDecaux’ outdoor media are the first specific outdoor media to be featured in Index Danmark – the largest consumer survey in Denmark. The Index Danmark survey is conducted by Kantar Gallup. Consequently, we can accurately inform you of your campaign’s coverage in the chosen region.


It is also possible to regionally advertise in parts of our digital network. Our network currently consists of 235 state-of-the-art monitors, placed at DSB stations (101 screens), the Copenhagen Metro (53 screen), in the heart of Copenhagen (35 screens) as well as in the three malls Field’s, Bryggen and Bruun’s Galleri (46 screens).
Our digital network is extended once the Cityring opens. With the new Cityring line, the Copenhagen Metro will include the new metro lines M3 and M4 and contain a total of 17 new underground stations. 

AFA JCDecaux - Railboards på København H
Another regional possibility for exposure comes in the form of the visually strong Railboards to be found at the DSB stations. The two networks contain 375 Railboards each, and each network reaches out to 27% of the Danes (OTS) with a frequency of 14*. This corresponds to covering roughly 900.000 Danes in a week.

The Railboards reach a coverage of 49% among people aged 15-59 in the greater Copenhagen area, which translates to 539.000 people. The frequency here is at 14*.


  • High regional coverage

  • Tailored coverage figures

  • High frequency


*Index Danmark/Gallup (2.h 2017 / 1.h 2018)