AFA JCDecaux - Abribus med Marc Jacobs i København

AFA JCDecaux offers a range of Premium outdoor media that can either be combined or used separately.

AFA JCDecaux - Abribus i Aarhus
The classic advertising panels "abribus" deliver the country’s highest coverage with 70% (OTS) in the commercially attractive audience segment "People 15-59 Years" *. The 70% correspond to almost 2.4 million people. People are exposed to the message at a rate of 28 in just one week.

The abribus media is Denmark’s largest mass media. No other media can deliver a broader coverage or higher frequency as quickly. 

The abribus also covers 71% of young consumers aged between 15 and 29, equaling an estimate 800.000 people. Here the message frequency rises to 32*.


As the only outdoor provider, AFA JCDecaux has a nationwide digital network where you can get in daily touch with 1.5 million Danes (OTS) **. The network currently consists of 235 state-of-the-art digital screens located at DSB stations (101 screens), in the Copenhagen Metro (53 screens), in the heart of Copenhagen (35 screens) and in the three malls Field's, Bryggen and Bruun's Gallery (46 screens).
The nationwide digital network is substantially expanded to include over 400 digital screens once the new metro line, the Citring, opens. 

AFA JCDecaux - Railboard med Boozt på KBH H
Another piece in the national coverage is the visually strong railboards that can be found at the DSB stations. Two networks exist, each with 375 carefully selected railboard locations. Each network covers 27% of all Danes (OTS) on a daily basis and at a frequency of 14. This corresponds to almost 900.000 Danes in a week.


  • Denmark's highest coverage of 70%

  • The only nationwide digital network

  • 1.5 million daily digital contacts

  • Railboards cover nearly 1 million passengers


*Index Danmark/Gallup (2.h 2017 / 1.h 2018)  ** Kantar Gallup, DSB, Steen & Strøm  *** Metroselskabet 2017