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Campaigns can be designed in many creative and imaginative ways. The common denominator is that they all create large impact and high involvement. Regardless of whether it is large dominance packages where ownership at a whole station is taken or one foiling of a platform door.

Metro dominance on Nørreport and Kongens Nytorv stations

  • Create an experience that impress the passengers
  • Creative campaigns can go viral and create additional effect on other platforms
  • Possibility of sampling on the whole station (concourse level and platform)

Transfer tunnel on Nørreport station

  • Create larger impact on passengers in the transfer tunnel
  • Make use of the wide formats in a fun and imaginative way
  • Reach many passengers in a short time

Ownership on Ørestad and Bella Center stations

  • Take ownership on platform doors, glass railings, banners, digital screens and posters in abribus.
  • Possibility of sampling (flyers, taste samples etc.) at large events, concerts and conferences

Platform doors

  • Play with creativity on the platform doors
  • Create an image with different creatives
  • Possibility of foiling the platform doors by exceeding the max format with 25 % (from the middle of the door and up). This solution has to be approved by Metroselskabet before execution.


  • Use the possibility of writing messages with capitals on backwall banner
  • Eye-catching solution
  • Obtain additional campaign effect
  • Use escalator dwell time to communicate the message on a large format

Do you want to hear more about the possibilities in the Metro, then you are more than welcome to contact Mette Risby Mortensen

AFA JCDecaux - Mette Risby Mortensen, Innovative Project Manager
Mette Risby Mortensen Innovative Project Manager