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In the Metro, advertisers obtain digital dominance on premium locations, thus ensuring impact and high involvement. The network consists of 155 digital screens and along with our other digital networks they make a unique digital coherence in the Copenhagen Area possible.

Amongst others, full moving content can be shown on the digital screens, thus enabling creative message execution. Complex messages can be communicated through several creatives, just as messages can be replaced in real time and are controlled by parame-ters such as weather, temperature, time, UV index, SoMe and extern data feed (e.g., live feeds).

Motion pictures, animations and relevant messages increase attention and inspire, thus the advertiser’s brand or campaign become top of mind. For instance, research shows that 53 % of passengers like to be reminded of future events, concerts and movie premieres and 34 % like to be made aware of new products or offers*.

The creative execution possibilities, full moving content and short material deadlines make the campaign execution agile and dynamic. And by using the vertical advertising format (9:16) from SoMe, a cross media connection is ensured.

Advantageously, the digital network can be combined with the many analogue exposure possibilities in the Metro, hence attaining full dominance and exposure power.

* OCS 2017

Clean, undisturbed exposure environment
Digital dominans
Full moving content
Parameter-controlled real time communication