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Nationally, Digital Rail Convenience encompasses 94 digital screens at 37 DSB stations. In the Copenhagen Metropolitan Area, it comprises 51 screens at 18 DSB stations. Over-all, 49 7-Eleven shops are a part of the network. It is only possible for advertisers to execute campaigns on the network if they produce and sell products that are sold in 7-Eleven shops. This takes the relevance of influencing impulse purchases close to the moment of purchase into consideration.

Full moving content can be shown on the digital screens, thus increasing creativity of the message execution. At the same time, messages can be replaced in real time and are controlled by parameters such as weather, temperature, time, UV index, SoMe and external data feed. For instance, if an advertiser sells cold beverages or ice cream it would be obvious to optimise the message based on weather, temperature and time of day.

Campaign execution on the network is agile and dynamic due to creative possibilities of execution, full moving content and short material deadlines. And by using the vertical ad-vertising format (9:16) from SoMe, a cross media connection is ensured.

Premium placement by 7-Eleven
Close to the moment of purchase
Full moving content
Parameter-controlled real time communication