AFA JCDecaux - Digital skærm ved Bremerholmen

The network currently consists of 235 state-of-the-art digital screens which are seen by 1.5 million Danes on a daily basis (OTS)*. The digital screens are located at DSB stations (101 screens), in the Copenhagen Metro (53 screens), in the heart of Copenhagen (35 screens) and in the three malls Field's, Bryggen and Bruun's Gallery (46 screens).

In 2019, the nationwide digital network will be expanded to include Copenhagen Metrothe new metro line, the Cityring. Consequently, the digital network will consist of more than 400 digital screens 

The digital state-of-the-art monitors all have exclusive Premium locations. The digital displays are largely located at strategic places (POIs) where shoppers are the most active – as close to the purchase situation as possible. By using the digital network, attractive target groups such as trendsetters, high-end consumers as well as shoppers with a purchasing mindset can be targeted.

The digital displays ensure both great attention and high message frequency. For instance, 50% remember to have seen digital advertising at a station or pedestrian street 1 month after **. Digital outdoor positively impact the brand.
Full moving content on digital screens enable creativity in the campaign message. Complex messages can be communicated by running different advertisements/messages simultaneously. Moving images, animations and relevant messages increase campaign attention and provider a greater impact.

Creative possibilities, full moving content and short material deadline are all factors that make the digital outdoor media both agile and dynamic. A strong visual media.

Digital outdoor media enables contextual and creative communication. Messages can be changed in real time and controlled by parameters such as weather, temperature, time, UV index, SoMe and external data feed. In this way, you can target your audience at the right time and with the right message. 37% find the product or brand advertised on the digital screens to be innovative and up to date **.

Digital outdoor is the equivalent to budget optimization due to low production costs. The savings from not printing and mounting analog material can be used on digital media. And by utilizing the vertical advertising format (9:16) from SoMe, cross media is ensured.

Consumers perceive digital screens as innovative, awareness-raising and modern **. Generally, consumers, and especially the younger people, are positive towards digital outdoor media. Studies in Copenhagen show that 64% of all and 70% of young people between the ages of 15 and 29 have a positive perception of digital outdoor. Digital outdoor advertisements are perceived as exclusive ***.

* Kantar Gallup, DSB, Steen & Strøm, ** OCS 2017, *** Kantar Gallup
  • Premium locations

  • Targets shoppers og trendsetters

  • Full moving content – a strong visual media

  • Perceived as innovative and modern