Working at AFA JCDecaux is a pleasure!

This is not just something we make up. Actually, the majority of our employees say so, and we believe them.


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Happy employees are good employees

On a regular basis we arrange events, e.g. with the themes:

  • We strengthen the teamwork
  • We spread humour
  • We display our morale
  • We foster a positive approach

These internal company events have led to many fun and energy creating activities within the different departments.



Our set of values is based on our respect for each other. We accept that people are different and have different approches to obtaining our goals. Our management philosophy emphasises that the employees should be proud of working for the company and that they should have fun at work.


The way to achieving a harmonic staff is through care for each other. We are all people with a need to combine working life and leisure time, which is why we endeavour to listen to each other and take an interest in each other.


The employees at AFA JCDecaux must show great commitment every day, helping to ensure a solid revenue for the company and our business partners. Education and external as well as internal courses will ensure fully qualified employees throughout the company.


At AFA JCDecaux we have a strict moral. Thus, we are a reliable and trustworthy business partner.

Fringe benefits

We are regularly working on improving our staff conditions. Here is a list of the benefits we offer at the moment.

Canteen arrangement

At the offices in Aarhus and Copenhagen it is possible to buy good and healthy food at reduced prices. Moreover, free fruit and beverages are availabl

Christmas gifts

The employees will receive Christmas gifts.

Health insurance

All full-time employees will be included in a health insurance. This will ensure quick treatment in case of illness.

Days off

All employees have more days off than the 5 weeks stated in the Holidays Act.

Working at AFA JCDecaux?

Working at AFA JCDecaux

Talent development of your qualifications

With a job at AFA JCDecaux we will take care of the ambitious challenges, while YOU will have the opportunity of developing your strengths and interests.


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